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What To Do If You’re Threatened With Eminent Domain

Becoming a homeowner is a great lifetime achievement. Your home is something you’re proud of and between the mortgage payments and home repair projects, a lot goes into building your dream home. But in the case of eminent domain, you could lose all of your hard work because of the government’s right to your property. Now,… Read more

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Is Your Valuable Intellectual Property Safeguarded?

Almost every business has valuable intellectual property to protect. This may include trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. To prevent other businesses from using your ideas or products without permission, you must take certain legal steps to tell the world they belong to you. Below, I summarize each type of intellectual property and how it… Read more

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Food Service Company to Pay to Settle Disability Discrimination Suit

A food service company located in Illinois will pay the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) $35,000 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit stated that American Blue Ribbons Holding, LLC dba Legendary Baking, denied light duty work to an employee with CSP myelopathy, a condition affecting her spinal cord. The company then fired her and… Read more

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Are You Taking the Proper Precautions to Protect Customer Data?

Information privacy and security are hot topics these days and for good reason. Failing to protect customer data can lead to liability and harm your business reputation. Therefore, understand, both from a legal and technological perspective, how to develop sound privacy and security policies that protect sensitive customer information. Data Privacy To avoid liability, businesses… Read more

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